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Ocean Courier is on a mission to discover our ocean’s treasures and troubles.  You’ll meet devoted scientists, driven ocean advocates and learn about critical projects happening world wide, that are saving our oceans. Grab your snorkel and travel with Teresa and Ben on a high seas sailing adventure, of discovery and passion.

Ocean Courier reaches a new audience, collects scientific data, and models ocean stewardship through adventure conservation education. Ocean Courier is launching an ocean acidification citizen science project, and an ocean based podcast and video series.


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Our Unique Hook

Sailing a Pro Ocean Narrative Into Main Stream Media

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Sailing Adventure

The Ocean Courier story expands the family of ocean advocates by attracting people not typically drawn to conservation media. Our unique hook— the story of two everyday people voyaging on a  sailboat. .

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Real Stories

We use interactive media to develop relationships with our audience as the story unfolds, transforming them into active participants. We bring you behind the scenes!  Nothing is hidden. It’s real people, real issues, real solutions.

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Ocean Conservation

The heart of Ocean Courier is conservation. The situations may be dire, but our focus is always on the progress and the passion, the joys and successes. Ocean Courier inspires ocean interest, concern, and action.



Our Focus Areas

Ocean Acidification
Sustainable Fisheries
Ocean Plastification
Coral Reef Management
Marine Reserves



Connect With Us

Great Programs Grow From Great Partnerships!

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“To do well you need talent, to do good you need means”Goethe

We would love to believe that Ocean Courier operates solely on wind and solar power. But hey, lets be real! We can’t spread the message without your help. The good news is you don’t have to have deep pockets! Every dollar helps. Ocean Courier is a project of  The Ocean Foundation, and all donations are made through their website.

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Proposed Route and Projects

We like to think of it as a survey of ocean conservation efforts around the world. This map illustrates some of the locations we may choose as episodes.


The Ocean Courier Team and Advisors

Teresa Carey

T moved aboard her boat Daphne with her adorable cat in 2008, and never looked back. TEDx speaker, writer, film producer, USCG Captain. Her love of the ocean is infectious.


Ben Carey

Ben grew up clamming on Long Island, and was bitten by the bug early on. Graphic artist, filmmaker, USCG Captain. He still wishes there were enough clams to make a living digging.


Luke O’Neill

Luke is a serial entrepreneur, and educator. He graduated from Harvard Business School and founded the Shackleton school.


Wallace J. Nichols

J is a sea turtle biologist, and author of national bestseller “Blue Mind – Your Brain On Water.” He knows how water makes us better humans.


Deb Castellana

Deb was appalled at the devastation in the Gulf of Mexico after the Deepwater Horizon accident. As Sylvia Earle’s right hand in Mission Blue, she’s been fighting for the oceans ever since.



Chris Palmer

Chris teaches Environmental Filmmaking at American University, and authored “Shooting In The Wild” about filming nature. His accomplishments are too numerous to count!


Roderic Mast

Rod is Executive VP of Oceanic Society, a sea turtle lover, and active in many, many ocean conservation programs around the world.


Maryanne Culpepper

Maryanne has been writing and producing for television for over 20 years, at Nat Geo and PBS. She is now leading the way at Graffiti Works.

David Conover

David has a strong ties to the sea and a tradition of active storytelling. Well known for Sunrise Earth, Compass Light Studios and now Conservation Media Group.


Bill Mills

You’ve probably seen Bills camera work. He’s worked on so many projects, where to start! CNN Heroes, BBC Worldwide, Discovery, NBC, NOVA, Nat Geo, PBS, and more.

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